BL 3.2 / 3.2.1 Update Not Installing

Help! I’ve been working on a series of projects, so just go the chance to update the Backlight 3.1.3 modules. I go to the Backlight Modules page and click update all, the page thinks for a little bit, then returns, but does not install the modules. I try to install each module separately and the same thing happens. I’m not able to update at all.

Need to wait for @Ben to check in. In the meantime, are you seeing any error messages displayed?

You can also get ahead of support a bit if you go ahead and DM login credentials to Ben so that he can observe the issue firsthand.

Nothing. Normally, the update quietly processes in the background then returns with the modules showing the updated release. In this case, it looks like normal–nothing shows–until the screen “comes back” (I.e. stops processing in the background) and then just shows the 3.1.3 release as current. Refresh screen shows the same.

Hi @michaelboatright, thanks for the admin login. I’ve had a look at your PHP Info and the most likely culprit is that the PHP ‘zip’ module isn’t enabled on your server. Can you visit your site’s cPanel and see if there is an option to enable this PHP module?

There is a bug in Backlight that is preventing the underlying error message from showing. If this is indeed caused by the zip module being unavailable, then you should have seen a red error message stating as such, instead of the white error message stating how many modules are available. I’m still looking into this.

Thank you, Ben! That did the trick. NoDaddy upgraded me to PHP 7.3 somewhat recently (past 6 months) and didn’t bother to tell me and didn’t bother to carry forward the previous PHP settings. It has caused me endless fun!

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Hi @michaelboatright, I’m glad that solved it! It does make things difficult when hosts change their configs without notice.