BL Gallery Design in comparison to CE4

Even after several hours of trial and error I have not been able to get the same results as with CE4.
As a reference - portrait format for example starting with picture 31

Design with Backlight do not give me options to do the same.
Album Template Design: Thumbnail Grid (classic) - thumbnails do not cover the whole frame

Same with enforce Coverage: better, but the portrait format looks bad

Switching to other gallery styles does not solve my problem.

Any advice??

  • detailed Thumbnail box shadow option - where do I find this in BL?
  • In the BL LR plugin the option to fill in a Gallery ID is greyed out - do I have to purchase the Theatre addon additionally?
  • Resume slideshow feature from CE4 - where do I find this in BL?

First thing you should understand, Backlight is NOT the same as CE4, and you need to abandon this mindset that it’s CE5. It’s just a different thing.

Also, it’s been a lot of years between CE4 and now. That means a lot has changed just beyond the scope of the software itself. For example, Highslide JS is no longer maintained, and so we now use Fancybox 3 to power our slideshows. Mobile phones have changed significantly, in size and shape, in power and capability, in prominence of use, etc. Design paradigms have evolved, and so on.

Backlight is designed to be more mobile friendly than any of the CE plugins, and if any given thing cannot be made to work well on both desktops AND mobile, then I just don’t do it.

As for your thumbnail shapes, use the Classic layout, and enabled the “Enforce Coverage…” option.

The “Resume Slideshow” feature doesn’t exist in Backlight. I had a reason for not bringing it back, I think, but I can’t remember the reason. It’s never existed in Backlight.

There is an option for adding shadows to thumbnails, it’s just beneath the “Force…” options.
It’s a subtle shadow and it is applied to the thumbnail container. If you want more distinct shadows, then use custom css.

Are you referring to the Video ID field? If so, that’s for using Theaters HTML5 Video presentation.

In your thumbnail grid, if you just want the thumbnail without the frame, turn borders off or try the Masonry layout.

Thx for Feedback. Yes, enforce Coverage - but this will hence only show a part of pictures in portrait format- is there really no workaround to get my preferred thumbnail grid?

Could you please comment on my question if the theatre addon is necessary to use the Galley ID Feature. In which location must the videos be stored?

see my reply above

videos should be placed in a folder named “videosrc” at the same server level as backlight/ and galleries/

Is the Theatre addon mandatory ?

i know, but a gallery with both landscape and portrait pictures will look quite ugly in this case compared with the design I linked to in my initial post

Don’t know what to tell you. The options are Classic, Justified, and Masonry.
I personally like Justified the best. Justified with large thumbnails (350px or so) looks pretty good.

If you’re using video, yes.

Yes, this would be in this case the best Option.