BL2 cart icon not functioning

Running Backlight 2. Created new products and price scheme. Uploaded images to album. Edited album to display product and price scheme. Cart icon appears on images but does not display prices or products when clicked. Please help!

Can you provide a link to an album where we can see this?

Hi Ben. You helped me out tremendously a few years ago when I upgraded to BL2. I plan to upgrade to BL4 today but I need to resolve this cart issue as quickly as possible. I appreciate your help.

The pricing scheme name you are using is not valid: Kristy’ Afghan Prints

Drop the single quote in the name and then it should work. If it still doesn’t, replace the whitespace with a single dash: Kristy-Afghan-Prints

Thanks. I’ll try that.

Didn’t work. Still no products available!

I have to step away for a bit, but it is imperative that I fix this as soon as possible. Thank you.

It’s working from my end.
Try clearing browser cache and resetting the cart from the link on the main cart dashboard

Works for me too! As Rod mentioned, resetting the cart should do the trick.

Well, that’s pretty strange. I just returned to my desk and read your mesg advising to reset cart and clear cache. I looked at the album on my other computer and the cart is working. I did not reset or clear. Is it possible that it just took 12 hours for the cart to activate? No answer needed. Thanks. I’m good to go. I do have another question however. BL2 is not really all that old. but it is considered a “Legacy” version. Is BL4 all that much better? If I upgrade to BL4 right no will all my albums and products and price schemes still be intact and functional?

No, the changes took affect as soon as you cleaned up the pricing scheme name. We’re just looking from different browsers.
If I’m adding or changing things in the cart, like prices, schemes, etc. I always have to click that reset link to see the changes in the same browser.

All your albums, products and schemes will be intact.
The Cart hasn’t changed all that much since BL2, but BL4, overall, offers new and improved features.