BL5 Theater YouTube won't play in Chrome browser

BL5 Theater YouTube video won’t play on mobile chrome/desktop.

Chrome Example: Episode 01-Design For War -

This worked fine in BACKLITE 4. After upgrading to BL5 I did not republish my site with new LR plugin

BTW: Playing same video on YouTube site using chrome plays fine.

Works for me on Chrome on Mac.

On iPad in Safari it dosen’t work.
On iPad in my inspector app it works fine.


Same here, iPad (Safari) does not work, but on my iPhone 14-pro iOS 16.0.2 it works fine

No issue for me using Brave/Chrome, and Safari on macOS and iOS.

Maybe try clearing your browser cache?

Tried that but thanks. Once again it’s Google Chrome on Android / Samsung S22 ultra, and Google chrome on Windows 10 latest update

works in Google Chrome latest on Windows 11.
(I won’t be back to my Windows 10 machine until next week)

Okay, I’ve visited your page in Chrome on my Samsung Galaxy S5, and the YouTube video plays just fine.

Thanks Matt. I tried this on my wife’s phone which is Samsung S22+ using Chrome and it works!!
This beats the hell out of me☹️. I will compare her chrome settings to mine for starters. I will report back.

Got android Chrome to work by going into Settings->Privacy and Security->Always use Secure Connects. (toggle off).

When I use (note the https://) to access your site, Google Chrome on my Mac will not play the video either!

So first, I would set the URL for your site to use https:// instead of http://. Second, enable auto-redirect to https. Both settings are done in backlight > admin > settings. Using a secure site (eg, https://), Google will rank your site higher and the browser will show the padlock icon.

This might fix your issue, or might not. But at least your site will be in a better state.

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I will give this a try