Border around image in pages

How do I create a border around an image in all my pages?
I tried in analogy with borders for images in albums (in custom CSS), but was not successful.
Hope there is a simple solution.
Kind regards.

You just need to find the correct selectors. It will depend on where the images are. Are these images you add to the copy or pallet areas via html?
Are they images in a Vegas slideshow?
Are they the large images in an album?

I’v got some of these covered on my TTG Tips and Tricks site.
One example: Some css "recipes" for your Backlight site - TTG Tips and Tricks

Thank you for your T&T, I will certainly go into them. But for now, I only need these borders in my “Link”-page and “about”-page.
The code I am using in the “copy”-section of the page is: img src="/hulpfotos/bas.jpg" width=“400” height=“300”. (between <>)

Example: Links - Silvester Povel | Photography

I hope there is a simple solution. Thanks

The custom css in the post I linked to above should do it, but if you want to style on a per image basis, then see this post

Great, it works well. Thanks a lot.
And, I will definitely study your T&T and website.