Brand new user - so glad I found this!

After stalking backlight a for a while I purchased yesterday and WOW I’m blown away!! Within an hour I was flinging my lightroom albums into galleries with abandon. It’s so fast!

Especially happy to see support for captions and general metadata. Also love that wordpress is an option but not a requirement. And it matters that the forum shows this is an active, responsive, and positive community.

I’ve been looking for something like this for YEARS! Wp and Envira comes close but I didn’t like that wp is non-optional and I’d rather not burden the wp media library with many hundreds of gallery photos. Yay!

In case you can’t tell… I’m stoked! Great work

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Welcome aboard! :smiley:

Welcome, Walt, and thank you for the kind words! We much appreciate it.

Hi @Walt, thanks for the kind words! At first glance, your words were so glowing that I thought this was a spam post :slight_smile:

LOL that was a bit effusive… but sincere. It’s rare I find a tool that just hits the sweet spot for my specific needs.


I’m glad we can be that for you, and I hope Backlight will continue to deliver for you, and all its users. =D