Brief presentation of unformatted pages after 5.2.0 update

I’ve updated to 5.2.0 this morning and cleared both Backlight cache and browser cache but I am seeing a very brief presentation of each page as unformatted before the formatted page displays.
These are Pangolin pages
Does this appear when you visit my site?
Thanks in advance for any pointers.

I’m not seeing any problems. I looked with several browsers

Thanks for taking a look Rod.
I’m still seeing the problem here although the speed with which I presume is CSS being applied is getting quicker. Slide shows don’t show a problem, just the serving of a formatted page. It is more visible the deeper one goes down a menu but at first even the Home page (and all other pages) would display basic text on a white background for less than a second.
I’ve not seen an issue on mobile - Safari on iPhone8 IOS16.4.1(a).
I’ve not seen tthe problem in Chrome on iMAC running Monterey but the issue persists in FireFox in Ventura and Monterey.

I don’t see any issue either. Maybe just a network bottleneck where you are, waiting for assets to load, that will hopefully resolve itself.

Thanks Matthew,
I suspect it may be FireFox based as other browsers do not present the issue.

I’m using Firefox for Windows and it all looks good to me.

I’ve just tried Firefox in Windows but I run Windows 10 in Parallels on an iMac and get the same issue as in MacOS.

I’ve occasionally had the same issue with my site and I’ve not updated to 5.2 (I’m browsing on desktop Safari). It doesn’t happen often and when I refresh the page it all looks fine again so it’s not been a big issue for me.

I’m still getting the issue here.