Can I popopulate my old website with Backlight galleries?

I am rebuilding my website in Backlight as Adobe has killed Flash and my old website was built around SlidshowPro galleries out of Lightroom.

Backlight galleries are great, but sorting out the rest of my new site is taking time as there is some learning to do. In the meantime, is it possible to have Backlight galleries display in windows in my old (non-Backlight) website? As the galleries are all set up in Lightroom that would be a neat stopgap for me.

You could install Backlight into your old site and just use the album and album set capabilities of Backlight.

When you install, upload only the backlight/ and galleries/ folders.
If you are already using a folder named galleries in your site, then instead of uploading the galleries/ folder from the unzipped Backlight installer folder, create a differently send folder on the site at the same level as the backlight/ folder.
Then go through the installation set up as normal.
If using Lightroom to publish, be sure to use the new folder name in the Publisher setup.

You will only be able to create albums and album sets; no pages, like Home or Contact can be created with this setup.

If you do this, you may not be able to move your albums to a new Backlight based site.

Many thanks for the help Rob,
Sounds straightforward, but some further detail would help.

My (now out of date) site is based on a series of pages, each with short descriptive texts and slideshows (albums) running in windows above. A single slideshow runs in its own div window on each page, with a lookup code pointsing to a SlideShowPro album in an album folder on the site. The whole thing reads as a sort of extended essay running cross some 65 pages/slideshows. But without Flash its just text!

I have Backlight 2 installed in its own folder on the site (I will update to 4 soon!) with just a few galleries in sets as an experiment. I have made some progress on the look I want but am wondering if, on my old pages, I can insert a lookup code in each window div pointing to a specific Backlight galley and so bring the pages back to life.

As Backlight is installed on my site I guess I won’t need to move or recreate albums. But that’s for later…

Thanks again
You can find my experiment at:

You can probably just add a text link to an existing album.
But if you mean you want to insert a Backlight album into a page, maybe you could use an iframe?

Sometimes it is good to retire old code. Avoid the hassle to maintain something already broken (eg, I don’t even have Flash on my machine so I only see text and a big white field).

I would replicate your existing structure in Backlight. Give the same top-level name to your album-sets and albums etc. You already have the text for all your galleries. Yep, it is tedious to copy and paste, but it is not that bad.

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