Can I use HTML markup in Captions - Tokens?

Can I add HTML link code in “Photo Presentation - Captions - Tokens”? If so, can you please provide an example of the code? Thank you!

You can’t add html to your captions.

Thanks! I’ll put it in my wish list for Christmas.

Probably not going to happen. Too problematic with Lightroom’s metadata, and with all of the different presentation libraries at play in album, theater and galleria modules.

Thanks for the reply, Matthew.

FWIW, I wanted to be able to add links to some of the individual photos as my “call to action” i.e. “more info”, “buy this”, etc. Same sort of principal used in Pinterest.

Would have liked to have optionally add the link code in the meta data. I’ve seen a few plug in developers come up with their own custom meta fields within LR.

If you or anyone else following this thread have any suggestions on how to implement a call to action from an individual photo to a specific external web page with some “call to action” text, please let me know. My photos are about location - see it, read more about it, find it on the map, etc.

Thanks for listening!

Perry J.

Perry, if you use single page view, you can do such things. Here is an example:

But it means customizations using phplugins. I have some pointers in following blog post

If you’e only using single images for this and don’t need to use an album, you can always just use html in page copy.
Use the figure element with img and figcaption

Thank you! I’m not exactly sure I follow what you are saying, Rod, but I have a need to associate specific link code with specific images when a visitor is looking through a gallery of images, one by one. Ideally, the link code would be generated from metadata for that image. Again, much like Pinterest.

Thanks again!! Hope I’m being clear.

Sorry about that. I used some html tags and forgot that they’d be interpreted literally.

What you want to do with an album is not possible with the albums as is.

You could do something like Daniel suggested, using the Single Image presentation. But it would require digging into phplugins. Daniel has provided and example and a link to a post that shows how to access metadata fields and display the contents below the image.

How many images are you talking about? If it’s only a few, you could just use html to create a grid of images that have information below them and are each linked to a specific page, much like the three images shown at the bottom of this page, below the home page gallery, which uses figure, img, and figcaption tags with the img tag wrapped in an anchor tag:

Thanks, Rod. Each photo has the potential of landing on a page that talks all about the image and it’s location.

Ideally, I would have use the “location” meta field for the link and/or just a text description of the location.

i.e. “tap for more info”

I’d look into Daniel’s solution then.