Can no longer embed images in published album's source text

Tried to publish new album to my website from Lr Classic with the album’s page content having embedded jpeg images – those embedded images don’t display (displays as if image URL links are bad). This album has a problem being displayed by Windows desktop Chrome browsers, but correctly displays within desktop Firefox and iOS Safari browers! This problem occurs with BL version 4.1 and the previous BL 4 version. In both cases, both the website’s BL4 software & Lr’s publisher version are/were in sync).

I have published 3 new albums that all exhibit the problem:

  • The album I’m attempting to publish (still under construction) at:

  • A very simple test album with only a single image included twice on test album’s page content – via a website-relative URL ("/galleries/…") AND using full URL:

  • Another newly published test album with exactly same page content as an album published earlier in the year that successfully displays the embedded images –
    Test Album: …/galleries/b-2021/d-Republish-Test/
    Previously Published Album: …/galleries/b-2021/a-Southwest-Trip/d-Arizona/
    [Sorry, can’t show above as links since I’ve reached my 2 links/post limit :>) ]

Very strange!

Your third link doesn’t work either. But the javascript console provides a hint:

I noticed that you are redirecting the images to which doesn’t use https, hence the error.

Ummm, what changed that requires https now? Previously published albums still work (apparently don’t use https) but newly published albums do? Must be something different in the BL4 published code. And interesting that only Chrome chokes.

I’ve been putting off converting my websites to https, maybe time to step up to it…

Further ummmmmmm… I can paste “” directly into Chrome and it correctly redirects and displays the image. So, what in the BL4 runtime environment requires https?

Yes, your link is redirected to http. Loading the image with https fails and hence your image doesn’t show!

This is not a Backlight issue but is related how you serve this image!

Nothing requires https. There are benefits of using it such as better search engine ranking and better user impression. It is just the links you provided point to the https version of your site.

OK, I think that I figured out what’s happening…unknown to me, my hosting provider (Blue Host) recently converted my website to be https compatible/compliant. As a result, all external http-based urls used within my website are now being auto-converted to https-based urls!

So, it’s not that I or BL4 is using https urls at all! And there is no work around … other than to insure that url targets are, in fact, https compliant! :pensive:

One thing I’m still confused about: why only newly published BL4 albums’ source text http links are being converted to https links. But it doesn’t matter – only solution is for target images to be hosted on a https compliant site.

Have you set your site to use https?
that is, does your site url in Settings start with https?
Have you set up https redirect in the Privacy section of Backlight Settings?

I guess that your host added the SSL certificate. (Most) browsers nowadays default to https when only the domain name is entered, if supported by the website. Since there is an SSL certificate for your site, https is used. I think this is why you ended up with the broken links.

Still, if you enter http:// with your new galleries, they all work. There shouldn’t be any difference with old and new galleries. I think it is just that some URLs are in your browser cache and might be used when entered.

I guess the best way is to have the redirect pointing to a secure site as well. Why don’t you host it on your Bluehost site as well? In the meantime, you might want to try following:

@rod_barbee, no, there is no https redirect active. Otherwise I couldn’t visit the site using http.