Can not change editing via LR plugin

I use LR to make albums. I can not change the editing of photos posted. I use smart album with Pick plag and date createt. When I edited photos, the procedure was 1. change editing. 2. remove pick flag. Publish to remove the image from the BL. 4. set the puck flag. 5 publish. Thus, the edited version came into the album. This does not seem to be the case today. The old variant comes in again.

What can I do to get the new edited version?

in the Lightroom Publisher settings, first check that “Push metadata without updating existing photos” (or words to that effect) is not checked.

Also try clearing browser cache.

You shouldn’t need to remove the picture, add it back in, and then republish it. If you don’t have the “Push metadata …” box checked, after editing it should automatically be marked for republishing