Can the Album page number be generated in the Metadata Tittle Field

I am currently cleaning up my SEO. Google wants to have the title metadata field in the header be unique for each indexed page. This is no problem for single image pages because I simply insert the image name in the title metadata field in Lightroom. However, it is not so simple for the thumbnail pages within an album. Using the available metadata fields in the thumbnail page template it is easy to generate a title unique to the album but the thumbnail page number is generated by Backlight (for navigation between thumbnail pages within an album) so all thumbnail pages within an album have identical titles in metadata. There may be a way to insert the thumbnail page number in the album thumbnail page metadata but I can not find it. Any ideas.

This is a pretty trivial issue since, at most only about 20 or less thumbnail pages have identical titles in most albums, but Google does get picky :slightly_frowning_face: so, if there is a way to insert that thumbnail page number generated in Backlight into the title metadata field I would like to implement it.

@Ben Is this something we can add to NameHelper::formatPageTitle for albums that have multiple pages?