Cannot Delete a Album from Lightroom

How do I manually delete a gallery I created in Lightroom via Publisher? When I removed the album from Lightroom it gave me an error but I didn’t pay attention to what the error was but it deleted the album anyway but now when I look on my website it’s still there, “Fine Art”. So I logged into my web-server via Filezilla and deleted the name under galleries I saw on the server hoping this would remove it from the webpage but still no luck. Can you point me in the direction as to what file on the server is still holding the “Fine Art” name? I thought it would be under galleries?

Thanks, Phill

Backlight’s database thinks it’s still there so delete it from Backlight Publisher.

Thank you that worked!

In general, to delete an album, try the following in this order:

  1. Deleting from LR Publisher.
  2. If you received an error message from the above, then delete the album from Backlight’s admin.
  3. In the rare event that you also have issues there, delete via FTP.

We advise to not touch any of your Backlight files or albums via FTP. This should only be used as a last resort.