Cannot get a list of Backlight modules

When I click on Admin/Backlight Modules I get:

Something went wrong
Backlight was unable to connect to Please wait a few minutes and try again.

If the problem persists, make sure that your server is able to make external requests to

I contacted my ISP (Startlogic) and they claim it is not a problem with their system.

Have you tied again?

Yes. I have been trying since yesterday.

see if anything here helps

I have spoken to my host (Startlogic) and they claim the issue is not with them.

I’m able to reach the TTG server so it’s likely something on your host’s end. Ben will need to comment though.

As Rod said, the problem is most likely with your host. Can you provide me with FTP access so that I can look into this? The best way to do so is by clicking my profile name then messaging from there.