Cannot get a new Pricing Scheme to work

Hi Team,
I want to add a new pricing scheme to my cart options but I just cant get it to work. I have created the pricing scheme (digital download 10) I have created a product and in lightroom in my new album, under the integration tab I have enabled the cart and typed in digital download 10. But when I check the album on my website it says - no products are available for purchase.

I have tried other pricing schemes that I have created ie (default is charged at $30) and that works, but when I change the price on the pricing scheme to $10 it still comes up as $30.

I am at a loss as to how I am supposed to correctly add new pricing schemes! Can someone please give me the correct process for this.

Check your Shipping prices. Make sure there are no blank shipping charges.

As to the other, take a look at Minimum Order Amount in the pricing scheme.

Also, after making any changes in Products, Pricing, etc, make sure to reset the Cart ( Backlight > Cart > Reset the customer’s cart in this browser