Cannot Publish with TTG Lightroom Publisher Plugin

Have been using the Lightroom Publisher plugin in for over a year, and all of a sudden it will not completely publish an album. It publishes about 2 or 3 photos and then stops and eventually gives me a time out error.
I have cleared the Lightroom cache and optimized the catalogues, updated Lightroom and my backlight 2 is up to date. The only thing I have changed on my website is adding it to cloudfare for a secure site. Would this have anything to do with it? or is it an issue with the plugin? My site name has not changed, and is set up as https. Anyone else have this problem?

This is the error:
Can’t update this collection.
Error uploading rendition.
Unable to complete the action.
Headers: { [error] =>{ [errorCode] = >
“timedOut” [name] +. “the request times out.” [nativeCode] => -1001

I don’t know if the BL2 version of the LR Publisher has this feature or not. But there is a setting in the current LR Publisher to delay API Requests by a user selected number of seconds. This was added because some hosts reacted to the multiple Publisher requests as a denial of service attack. If your version of Publisher has this setting, give it a try.

See the BL4 docs for more:

Hi @llot, I’ve found that CDNs like Cloudflare typically cause breakages with Backlight. Requests that should reach your actual server are responded to by intermediate servers, returning incorrect results. If you do need to use a CDN, see if you can configure it to bypass the CDN for URLs with paths starting with /backlight.
Who are you hosting with?

Thanks - it does have this setting, but did not fix the problem :frowning:

I am hosting with HostUpon.

So I disabled Cloudflare on my site and the album publishes fine. So it is that causing the problem. I could not figure out what to disable on cloudflare (cache only?) or how to disable on only backlight - which I do not want to do as I need the https for my galleries as well. My work around was to disable cloudflare temporarily then publish my album, then enable it again. It seems to work but is a pain :frowning: