Cannot upgrade from Blacklight 2 to 4

Just purchased and downloaded Backlight 4 to upgrade from BL 2.

I tried to follow instructions to upgrade from Backlight Modules, but I stopped by not having the Order ID for BL 2. @Matthew - can you help me with this?

I tried to upload the new BL 4 files to my site, but I am afraid I have messed up the installation. Have I?

Can I use an alternative upgrade process for Backlight 4?

When updating from BL2 to BL4 you shouldn’t need to upload any files (assuming you have a BL2 site in place). As long as the order email is the same for the BL4 order as it was for the BL2 order, the update should be available to be applied on your Backlight Modules page.

There’s also this page on updating your order information:

I am pretty sure that BL 2 and BL 4 have the same email in the orders. The thing is that I do not have the Order ID for BL 2 asked for when upgrading.

I would send @Matthew a message (click on his name and then on message) and send him the email address you used for the order.

I’ve replied to the private message with order info.