Cannot upload - Images Too Large

I last uploaded photos in May [2022]. Since then I have not modified my software. Now when I came to upload again I receive the message:

"Can’t update this collection.
"Unable to perform action: uploadRendition.
"The size of the uploaded image (9.05 MB) exceeds the maximum posted file size allowed on your server (8 MB).
“To fix this problem, either decrease the resolution or quality of your renditions within Designer, or increase the PHP settings for upload_max)filesize and post_max_size to be larger than the expected size of your images.”

[Using Backlight 3. Original images are 25 MB CR2 images, converting to <3 MB jpg images on the website.]

I found the following thread plus answer:

“If I switch over to Lightroom (not my preference but I have it) can I avoid this issue with difficulties generating the display sizes?”

“give it a try with a test album. See what happens. As long as you don’t have “Master Images” set to Yes in Backlight > Settings > Publisher > Publish Master Renditions from Lightroom, then Lightroom would be generating the renditions rather than Backlight.”

I tried this and guess what… images are now uploading.

Any comments please?

[PHP version 6]

If you really need the larger images, you can try the other suggestion: increase those upload limits in php. Either edit the php.ini file or ask you host to increase the limits.

I’d assume that your web host updated the PHP version. This version comes with different settings, among them the upload_max_filesize. That would explain the different behavior.

Thank you both.