Caption (Grid) in Pangolin Essay

Hello TTG friends,

I love the Pangolin Essay Album Template, but I have a small problem with the Image Presentation: Grid
I can’t get any “captions” under the small thumbnails:

The captions are visible in the Single Image Page:

In the Pangolin Album Template, you can see the caption under the thumbnails:

Gallery made by Pangolin Essay Template:

Gallery made by Pangolin Album Template:

Can someone help me?
Greetings Henk

That’s the intended behavior. There are no captions in the grid.
Caption only appears on the large images when you click through.

What you can do with Essay is to create a grid with a few images and then add some text below those images, telling the story about them. Add a few more images in another grid and write some text about those images.

However, if you do want captions to show, you can do that with custom css:

div[data-presentation="grid"] figcaption {
  display: block;

You may need some additional styling if it ends up looking weird.

Thanks Rod, I will see what I can do :slightly_smiling_face: