Captions on images in BL3 publisher

Conversion to BL3 has gone well, helpfully aided by Rod, but now I want to change from LR publisher to BL publisher.Trials seem to work OK except for one issue - in LR publisher the caption in the metadata comes through as the info on the base of the image but this does not happen with BL publisher. Do I have to set this up in my css?

Are you using the same album template? If not, make sure that metadata is enabled.

It should work virtually the same. Make sure your images are being exported with metadata.
There is a limited set of Metadata Tokens you can use.
And be sure to post a link to an album if these suggestions don’t solve the problem.

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Thanks Rod - that was the problem somewhere in my new workflow the metadata were not copied when I reduced the file size. All is good now - your help is much appreciated.