Cart basics: cart button features not showing

This is embarrassing. I’ve fallen at the first hurdle on adding a Cart to my website.
I’ve purchase the Cart add-on. I’ve installed the add-on. I’ve cloned the Album template I use for my albums and called it “Cart”. I’ve gone to Album Settings for that new Cart template and I’ve Enabled the cart add-on in the “Add-on Features” section.

But the only features I get offered are “show add photo package button”; “mixed pricing”; “generate photos for purchase”.

I don’t get the “Purchase Button” options for grid or large photo as it suggests in the Backlight documentation.

Where am I going wrong?

I think that the Cart docs might need updating.

In the album template, try going to Thumnbail Grid > Grid Icons to make sure icons are enabled for thumbnails. Otherwise, the cart icon will only appear when you hover over the thumbnails.

Thanks Rod, but is it possible to have no cart icon (not even hovering) for the thumbnail grid and only have the cart icon when you click on the thumbnail to get the big view?

Not with the settings in Backlight. But it can be done with custom css

this should do it:

.grid-button.add-to-cart {