Cart & Lightroom Publisher Integration on sub-folder

Hi! I’m upgrading from CE4 and it’s been a few years since I ran any of this setup. I’m trying to use Backlight strictly to manage event galleries with a cart for download right now. So I’ve directed it into a sub-folder /gallery

Here’s my first published gallery that I’m working on: GOHBA Housing Design Awards 2022 - JVLphotography

I’m getting an error message “Unexpected error: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in AlbumDAO.php on line 897”

Plus I can’t click the cart to “on” in LR or in the album through backlight - wondering if this has to do with the sub-folder structure?

Okay I’m figuring out adding the cart (Creating a cart album since all that’s there is default).

The error is persistent though.

Are both Backlight up to date?
and, if you’re using Lightroom Publisher, is it up to date?


This shouldn’t matter. As long as you’ve installed Backlight and your galleries in the same sub-folder. You’re not using redirects, are you?

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You’re correct - I’ve figured that problem out I just needed to create a “cart” based album.

so all is good now?

Lol yes and no, looks like my server has a file size limit so it won’t upload at all now.

You should be able to increase that limit in the php.ini file.
download it from the root of your site and edit it with a plain text editor. Look for upload_max_filesize

If your site doesn’t already have a php.ini file in the root of the site, you may be able to create one via your hosts C-Panel.

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