Cart stopped working

Customers getting “No products are available to purchase” when clicking on cart Icon.

I was creating a new Product and Pricing scheme and associated it with a single album as a test and now the entire sites albums are getting the “No products are available to purchase”. I have reset the customers cart in this browser. I have reinstalled the cart module, checked the Album settings and it is assigned to the proper Cart Pricing Profile (one that was not even edited). It seems that all albums, no matter which pricing profile they have is suffering the error. What am I overlooking?

Make sure all price fields in your Pricing Schemes and Shipping pricing are filled out.

Thanks, I did that and all of the pricing schemes pricing is filled in. Should I delete the new Pricing scheme and product that I created today and see if that works?

Is all of your shipping pricing filled out as well?
Cart > Pricing > Shipping. Click on the Pricing link for all your shipping methods.

Finding all shipping methods status as incomplete. Could that be a result of upgrading to latest version? I will correct those and let you know if it works.

If you’ve added new products, the shipping method pricing for that product will be incomplete

Bingo, that got it. Boy, I was in a panic, thanks so much for your fast and accurate help. Thank You! Thank You!