Cart template

How to use cart template.
How can I match a cart template with an album template or album set template in designer ?

I need cart with tax add at the end.
I need cart with tax in the price.

I need cart with only the PayPal Botton.
I need cart with PayPal Botton AND complet order without paiement.

You match the design of the cart with the design of the rest of your site by assigning a page template to in the Cart Settings > Personalisation

The Cart has several options to add tax including back calculating and displaying the tax up front

You can show only the PayPal button if you wish. Just disable Invoiced Checkout

Not exactly sure what you mean by this. It seems to contradict the other request for PayPal button only.

Ho it’s easy when you know it ! Tank you.
Sorry I’m a French user so is not always simple for me.

if for example I want to sell a photo $ 20 Taxes included.
Is there a way to do it simply. I would like my product price to be taxes included and not add at the end.
I wish I didn’t have to put $ 17.40 on my product.
Is it feasible?
I don’t know if I am expressing myself properly.

I get what you’re asking.
I’d have to do a little testing. I don’t use the Cart like that and there are settings for taxes I don’t use. Maybe Ben can comment.
But I’ll see if I can run some tests and let you know.

Thank you ! I did some tests but it is not concluded

I just tested it out and it can be done.
Under Cart Settings > Taxes, set Back-calculate Sales Tax to Yes

Here’s an example of what it will look like when the customer is checking out:

Yes is now working ! Tank you Rod !

Another problem with the cart setting.
I created 3 different cart settings. BUT when I make a change this change applies to all 3 different cart setting. It doesn’t work at all.
I have orders that are currently coming in with taxes included when taxes should be extra for its customers.
If I change Back-calculate Sales Tax to NO there change is apply on all 3 different cart setting.
Is not suppose to right ?
Help me quickly please.

** I send your private message with acces code. Thank you !

Not really sure what you’re saying. When you say “I created 3 different cart settings”, what exactly do you mean? are you talking about pricing schemes? Products?

The back calculate setting is global and will apply to all transactions.

There are several “incomplete” warnings in the Cart dashboard. Try clearing those up.

When I go to cart setting / list setting.

Then Edith cart setting / cart template.

I create 3 different cart template.

  • for my regular customers I need taxes to be calculated after the product price, at the end of the order. And I need his customers to be able to complete the order without necessarily making a payment with paypal at the end.
  • for my school photo clients, I need the taxes to be calculated in the price of the product and they must only have the option of payment via paypal.

Is that what the different cart templates are for?

There is no such thing as a “cart template” per se. You can create different Album Templates that are cart enabled. Each of these can have slightly different settings, found in the Cart add-on for the respective album template.
When you create the albums, they can be assigned different pricing schemes

But the payment and tax options in the Cart Settings are global, meaning they apply to all transactions and all cart-enabled albums.

If you need different tax options for different types of customers, the only way I can think of doing that is by having two different carts. And to do that, you’d need two different sites, each with their own Backlight installation. This is pretty easy to do using subdomains, if that’s an option for you.

You could have one site for regular customers and another for school photo clients. Then you can customize the Cart settings for each.