Cart Unavailable Error

Following a recent update of Backlight 5 modules, I now get a “shopping cart unavailable” message. I don’t have any albums on the website that actually use the shopping cart feature, and it’s not enabled on any of my album templates (although I’ve purchased the module, adding the shopping cart feature is on my to do list).

Within Backlight’s web admin pages, if I select the “Cart” dropdown menu, I get a text page filled with information about creation of a dynamic property from within the cart module (screenshot below).

In Backlight’s Admin/Backlight Modules page there is no link for the Cart Module, and it does not show up as an additional add-on. I did attempt reinstallation from www.jeffwrightphotography/backlight/installer and that did not fix the problem.

What php version is your site using?

Did you purchase the cart add-on using the same email address you used for purchasing Backlight?

php 8.2 (it’s on Bluehost)
yes, same email. I purchased cart with upgrade to version 5.

Did you initially install the Cart from the Backlight Modules page?


@Ben will need to take a look.

Hi @JeffWrightPhoto, the missing cart could be caused by a quirk of SendOwl – if part of an order is refunded then the entire order is given the status of cancelled or refunded. I’ve send you a direct message about this so that we can fix it.

This indeed was the problem. Hats off to @Ben and @rod_barbee for their quick attention and help.