Cart Update Request

(Sorry for posting this here, if there is a place for future enhancement suggestions, please let me know!)

I’m currently running BL4, and I made my first significant package sale today. I had to walk the client through the process initially, then he finally did it on his own three weeks later. I asked him to provide me feedback, and this is what he said:
All good on the directions. You definitely need to add the package first for it to go smoothly. I didn’t know how many I would select so I started the other way forgetting your instructions. For example I selected 35 photos individually. When I entered the package last it looked as if I could drag and drop each photo in the package locations in the cart, but that feature was identified as a circle with line through it saying that was not an option. For the future if that feature can be turned on, I believe for the user it would be more preferred. All I had to do was write the 30 numbers down I selected, remove all the entries and then reordered in the cart for the package as your instructions clearly stated. This is just feedback only. How you described the instructions works just fine. Thanks for offering up this digital package option, it is much appreciated. "

So this was useful feedback to me, because if the customer hasn’t already decided in advance how many photos they want in a bulk package, they need a way to mark photos for selection prior to choosing an appropriately sized package (I have groupings in 10s from 10 to 100, with a sliding discount). So I see two ways to fix this shortcoming- either by allowing what he suggests; a transfer option within the cart from an ala carte item to a package item, or by having a way to tag photos, besides just putting them in the cart, for later transfer en-masse to a package bundle.

You can see this sale here: 07-Arabian - Fourwalls Photographic LLC