CE4 templates

Hi, Is there any way of getting the CE4 templates (stored in ttg-be>templates>gallery) back into Lightroom? At some point they’ve disappeared from User Templates in the LR Web tab.

No, there’s no way to reverse the Lightroom to a TTG Publisher template process.

Did you happen to move Lightroom from one computer to another? For Lightroom, the templates are stored in the Lightroom\Web Templates\ folder on your computer. Where that Lightroom\ folder is located depends on your OS. In Windows it’s at C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom, for example.

If you have changed computers and didn’t copy that folder over to the new computer, then all of your presets and templates are gone.

If you still happen to have those files on another hard drive, you can copy them over.

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Thanks Rod. I’ll have to redo them.

well, since you need to redesign, it might be a good time to upgrade to Backlight.
It’s compatible with current versions of php, which, more and more, may not be true of CE4