Center headings

I use #, ##, ###, #### for headings. ### is centered.
How do I center the text in the essay

###dette er overskrift (###)

## Her kommer 8 bilder (##)
12 bilder (####)

Hi, scroll to the end of the page:


Thanks. see how my page processes your MD text. Why are the heathens like that. what do I do to center the heathens ^

See this


<div align="center"and here type the other arrow

Set it in a separate line over your headline like:

code for center
empty line
code for your headline



No need to write html.
There is an alignment setting for each heading (h1, h2, h3) in the Essay album template under the Typography tab.
Look under Headline for h1, Subheadings for h2. and Block Headings for h3.
You can change other sorts of styling in those sections as well.

If you do need to center the other headings, then use html like this:

<h4 style="text-align:center;">Your heading</h4>

Rod, she meant Markdown.


I know. But you don’t need to use html to center the headings in Essay (at least for h1, h2, h3). There are settings in the album template to do that.
However, if centering h4-h6 is needed, then it needs to be written in html

That’s right. But my - test - is MD.

Your heading 6






You’re using curly quotes in the first line, that’s why it’s not centered.
And you don’t need to wrap the markdown in html in an Essay album to get the headings to center (the html being used is deprecated as well), that just complicates things
h1, h2, and h3 can be centered just by changing the Essay album template settings.
If other headings need to be centered, it’s best (semantically correct html) to use in-line styling or custom classes.

The first line is your code.


The Essay album template I haven’t looked at it yet.

just fixed the quotes

Does not work.

Your heading


might not work in this forum, but it does work on a web page

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