Changing email server information

GoDaddy has discontinued their “free” email service and is moving to Microsoft 365. I am moving my email to Zoho but the fields to change items related to the email server are greyed out.

How do I change the email server information?

Herschel Weintraub

try changing the Mail Send Type to smtp

Hi Rod
I tried that. Did not work. The email address is not the address of my site. The site info is
Backlight (

Here are the parameters that I am using

Email Configuration

Mail Send Type smtp
SMTP Username
SMTP Password [ hidden ]
SMTP Port 465
SMTP Security Protocol SSL


I don’t know much about the smtp settings other than that’s where you can set them.
Did you also try changing your Site Email and Vendor Email settings?
The link to your settings that you included only leads to your Backlight login page. Can you post screen shots of your settings?