Changing order of appearance in Galleries Menu

I am updating my web site with new galleries and wanted to move up the new galleries by changing the slug of older ones, namely adding for instance “1-” before de new one and deleting the same prefix on the older one. However, when I delete the “1-” from the older one, the response I get from Backlight 4 is:

unexpecterd error: trying to access array offset on value of type null in PathBuilder.php on line 91

Is that meaning that once you set a slug for an album, it cannot be change anymore? that case: how can I reorder the Galleries menu?



It’s been awhile since BL4, but I believe you don’t need to add a number prefix to change the order.
Try this: In Backlight Publisher, go to the Galleries top-level set. You’ll see all of your albums and sets represented by thumbnails. Just drag and drop to change the order. Then click on Save Album Order.
I believe this feature was in BL 4

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It doesn’t work…wait!!!..yes! works!!! principle it didn’t work until…I cleared the Template Cache.

I don’t know how and why, but it worked!..thanks Rod!

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Backlight caches templates (somewhat aggressively, I think) to improve performance of your website. This prevents the application having to build the page from scratch every time a page loads. This can sometimes result in the behavior you’ve seen here, where changes are not reflected immediately. When makes changes, always a good idea to clear the template cache as a first troubleshooting step.