Client Feedback Not Being Received

My client’s feedback is not being received (yes I checked spam). The client hits submit and they get a confirmation email BUT I don’t get the feedback. When I try it myself in their gallery it works fine.

Here is a sample gallery with the issue: Evan Kotsovinos - Joshua Zuckerman Photography

Matthew - I looked into Backlight Email Settings

I may have found the issue (but oddly this did work before while this was in place)

My galleries are hosted on jzphoto.US
My email is email@jzphoto.COM

Why? because Squarespace won’t let me host galleries on

Should I change?:
Comapny URL >
Site URL >

For anyone following along, I’ll first repost my remarks from the previous thread.

… if you’re not receiving email notifications, then see this page in the docs; and maybe leverage the new Admin RSS Feeds feature in Backlight 5.1.

So yes, if your Backlight installation is at, then I reckon you will have better odds at success using an email, as this should reduce your likelihood of being flagged as illegitimate.

Likewise, if Backlight is set up on, then that’s what you should use in all the settings pictured above. Backlight does not care about your Squarespace site, and wants nothing to do with it.

Also worth calling out, in case you haven’t realized, that if you are not receiving feedback at email, you are still receiving the feedback. Feedback is recorded in Backlight, and you will find it accessible in your admin, under the Client Response menu.

All of this said, you may still find email deliverability unreliable. This is the sad reality of hosting your own website, and we can only do so much to alleviate the problem within Backlight because we have no control over your host.

So again, I do recommend checking out the new Admin RSS Feeds in Backlight 5.1. They are a feature partially intended to address this, and which give you a wealth of additional options as well. You can keep tabs on an RSS feed, or you can set up with with Zapier such that RSS feeds will trigger email notifications, or instant message notifications to whatever apps you like to use.

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Update: I Just updated to Backlight 5 from 3 and all issues were fixed: client feedback email formatting is good, and now receiving client feedback emails

Well worth it!

I’ve been with you since V1 and your excellence in support and great product has been a joy!


Glad to hear! Thank you!