Client Feedback Shows Code (see below)

The text below was copied from the Client Feedback email. In the email, it is not formatted and just shows the code. BUT I see in this forum it is formated. Odd. Maybe it’s a setting in Mac Mail that is not formatting the code?

Name Joshua Zuckerman
Message test this is master box
All Images (3) 221207B-002, 221207B-006, 221207B-010
Selected Images (3) 221207B-002, 221207B-006, 221207B-010
Selected yes
Options -
Retouching Instructions bunh
Selected yes
Options -
Retouching Instructions build a tie
Selected yes
Options -
Retouching Instructions zap

Here is a screen shot of what the feedback email looks like in Mac Mail

the browser is showing the formatted html, that’s why you see it in your post above.
I’m not familiar with Mac mail. Is it viewed in a browser or an email client, like Outlook?
If in a browser, there might be a “View” menu item with a format setting option.

Viewing the email in Chrom > GMAIL doesn’t show it formatted either. I don’t have Outlook to try, unfortunately.

Also, Mac Text Edit doesn’t show
it formated.

Let me know if you have any other ideas.

In the meantime, I’m going to try some heavy Googling of the issue.


@Ben will probably need to take a look.
Is everything in Backlight up to date? Are you using BL4 or BL5?

Wasn’t there an issue a bit back where a special character was inserted and broke the view? Are you using the latest updates?

I vaguely remember something about the form code showing in emails. Couldn’t find anything from searching the forum though.

The publisher is up to date with 5.2.2 but on BL3. Do I need to upgrade? I only use BL for these client response galleries.

BL5 does have plenty of improvements. It couldn’t hurt to upgrade but I don’t know that it’s necessary for this issue. @Ben might know…

I am not familiar with this issue and have not been able to replicate it. We therefore haven’t made changes to address this in more recent versions.

Each release of Backlight does provide a swathe of improvements. Another reason to upgrade is to ensure that Backlight is compatible with the latest version of PHP that your host is running. This issue that you’re facing is unlikely to be related to compatibility with your host’s version of PHP.

I haven’t tried to fix this format issue but I now have a BIGGER perhaps related issue; my client’s feedback is not being received (yes I checked spam). The client hits submit and they get a confirmation email BUT I don’t get the feedback. When I try it myself in their gallery it works fine.

The issue with the format is not the end of the world but clients have been sending me feedback for months it turns out that I haven’t been getting. That is the of the world or at least my business.

here is a smaple gallery with the issue: Evan Kotsovinos - Joshua Zuckerman Photography

Any ideas?



Not a related issue; start a new thread. I am closing this one before it goes too far off-topic.

And if you’re not receiving email notifications, then see this page in the docs; and maybe leverage the new Admin RSS Feeds feature in Backlight 5.1.