Client Response - Assign to Multiple People


I have a client who would like to have multiple people make their own lists (client response feedback) of images to process from the same sets of (Albums) proof images…

Multiple people in different departments with different business uses for the same sets of images.

Can I safely create multiple accounts for the different people within their organization and get feedback from the same albums multiple times? Do I have to create duplicates of the albums? Is there a way to do that - make “Album X copy 1” for marketing and “Album X copy 2” for the website team without making separate albums for each department? What is the best way to go about this without uploading the same hundreds of MB worth of files four times with different Album names?

I wanted to ask this question before doing anything, as I’m new to Backlight and don’t want to break anything, in the middle of my first Client Response application for a real world client.

Thanks in advance for your help!

You can create one album and assign it to multiple clients (you will need to assign the album to each client separately)

No, but you won’t need to since you can assign as many clients as you want to one album.

I don’t think you’ll break anything. Still, it’s worth testing out before sending to real clients. If nothing else, you’ll get a feel for how it works.
If you have a couple other emails that you use, you could create a couple of dummy clients and assign the same album to each.
Then open the album in another browser (or log out of Backlight in your current browser), log in as one client, make your choices, submit them, and log out. Then log in as the other client and do the same.
You’ll see that you get two separate emails. The subject of each email will contain the name of client

Thank you! This is great information and I really appreciate your help. I will test with a non-client gallery soon and see what happens…

A follow up question to the client response system in general… is there any easy way to “reset” or better yet, reactivate their ability to make changes to selections after it is “closed” and submit revised feedback? I’ve already been asked this by one of my staff / associates and I can certainly see clients asking for this, for a couple of my best, I can virtually guarantee it - the phone will ring moments after they click submit and they’ll ask “can I change my answers?”

Thanks again!

Look in Backlight > Client Response > Settings > Feedback Submission > Post submission actions

Thanks again Rod,

Am I right in thinking that this is a blanket for every client response gallery and that if I switch this to “do nothing” that means that every assigned album will then be open indefinitely? I suppose this might work out okay for 99% of my needs… perhaps a feature suggestion then, to be able to re-open albums for new feedback - change the status in the Feedback status list back to open? I can certainly see where it would be great to have this. Will removing the assignment to a client and re-assigning it act as this “switch” to reenable a response submission? Since our last reply, the first real world use of this for me has resulted in a request to do two passes - one rush and one subsequent submission for additional files for their long-term library of marketing images.

Also, a side note, but my iPad is having issues with the menus in the Backlight 4 admin - anything with a drop down menu requires me to “open link in new tab” for it to work… everything except Publisher and Logout in the main Navigation on both Safari and Firefox. Not sure if it’s just me for some weird reason, but figured it worth mentioning since I’ve tried both of these browsers.



that is already a feature. when you receive feedback, access it from Backlight. You can update the status from “closed” to “open” (or the other way around)

Not just you. That started happening a while ago after an iOS update.