Client Response - customize shortcut key for selecting images

is there any way to customize the shortcut key for selecting images in the Client Response galleries? It is by default set to ` which is a problem for my clients with keyboard layouts that differs from the US layout.


It’s not customizable. I use a dual-language English/Korean keyboard, and it’s fine for me.

Hi again,
for those with German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finish keyboard layout the key “Ö” is the selection key :grinning:

I see. What key makes sense for your keyboard? If there’s no conflict with another command, I can perhaps add it to the keyboard event.

Hello Matthew,
I would say basically any key that is easily accessible from any keyboard layout. When it is assigned to a special key as ` it will create problems for other countries keyboard layouts.

I also noticed that on my windows machine it is assigned to the letter Ö which is a special Swedish letter. On my Mac it is assigned to the § key and on my iPad with keyboard attached there is no key that works for marking images as liked.

Have a great day!