Client response gallery filtering

Another client brought up an interesting request that I would like to ask about:

Is there any way that (after using the filters to refine their selections specifically in the detail view as opposed to the gallery view) I can facilitate my clients’ ability to browse between their filtered images in detail view?

As far as I can tell, they can filter their images in the gallery view but if they want to look closer at those filtered selections, they are then forced to ignore the filter’s results. Currently the filtering actions only applies to the thumbnails, is that correct?

Specifically his suggestion was: It would be nice to only see what I’ve selected and rapidly click back and forth between 2 pictures would allow me to compare the subtle differences between them.

Is that an option I just don’t know about? If not, is there a plan to make that an option?

The filtering option that removes the unselected thumbnails from the grid also removes those images from the slideshow.

Hi @Matthew,
I’m seeing the same thing on my test site. If I filter to show only selected images, only those images are shown in the thumbnail view. But all images show in the slideshow. It’s doing that whether I’m just highlighting selected images or showing only selected images.

Didn’t mean to delete that reply. In case it completely disappears, I’ll cut/paste it again:

You can test that outcome on my test site here. My Backlight modules are up-to-date. Filters are only applying to thumbnails, which is counterintuitive.

Thanks. We’ve identified this as a regression, and we’re looking into it.

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You’re welcome, Matt. Looking forward to the fix!

Fixed in Backlight 5.0.4, available now.

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