Client response gallery slideshow

Hey there, all!

Been enjoying Backlight 5. Had a client point something odd out that I’d like to ask for advice on:

When using the client response gallery in slideshow mode (on mobile) any pinch-to-zoom actions are summarily hidden underneath the next slide. As you can see from this screen capture, it creates an odd situation for the viewer:

Are there any changes I can make to the Backlight options in order to either A) pause the slideshow on detected pinch-to-zoom actions or B) shove the zoomed-in image aside when the next slide appears (rather than layering the next slide on top of the current slide)?


I can’t replicate this on my own test site, can you post a link to an album so that @Ben and @Matthew have something to look at?
If, because of privacy, you can’t share a current album, can you create a new one with non-sensitive images?

Are Backlight and Client Response up to date?
What are the Privacy Settings?

Also, what devices are being used to view the album

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Agreed; it only happened once. I’m not pursuing this question any further as I think it was an anomaly. I too have not been able to replicate it any further. Sorry to bother!