Client Response - Icons not displaying

Backlight 3.3 – All icons in the Client Response module show up as squares.

I’ve tried enabling Font Awesome shims and also reinstalling the module.

Everything else seems to be working in the module.

Any ideas?

Thanks — Chuck

Font Awesome icons are not longer resourced remotely (see this post), that’s probably why you’re not seeing them. You’ll need to source them locally. I don’t recall if BL3 has the option of loading Font Awesome locally. If it does, that will be found in Settings. I don’t recall exactly where. Maybe under Website Settings.

the very easiest thing to do is to update to BL5.
And since you’re servicing clients it may be the best choice since BL5 is compatible with the latest version of php and it will reduce the likelihood of your site crashing due to your host updating php.

Otherwise you could try this fix. Not sure it will work for BL 3 though