Client Response Modul

Idea for the customer response module:
I wanted to ask whether the following changes are possible or planned.

  1. That a CSV file is sent with the response when the customer response is sent?
  2. Can you also include the metadata that you have transferred to the website into the customer response?
  3. Lightroom has 6 color markings in the TTG layout, unfortunately there are only 5, unfortunately the color white is missing.

Kind regards

  1. in the template’s Grid settings, there are five color flags that correspond with Lightroom’s color flags, is that what you’re referring to?

Hi rod_barbee,
Yes, that’s exactly what I mean, Lightroom has 6 colors (white is the 6th)

There are only 5 assignable colors. White indicates that the definition for the label in the metadata doesn’t match what Lightroom has:

The article linked by you describes when the white color label appears, but this can also be used consciously.

I consciously use white etiquette.
So it would be practical if it was also displayed in white.

How do you assign the white label? I’ve never seen a way to directly assign white.

You can assign a text to every color in Lightroom, metadata -> color marking set.

If you enter a different text in the Labeling field in Lightroom than defined in the 5 colors, the result is white.

So you can consciously use the label color white.

Sounds to me like you’re exploiting a bug in Lightroom. We’re not going to be supporting any additional color labels in Backlight.