Client Response not limiting selection

I set the number of selections to 10 and my client sent me 15. This is the second time this has happened since upgrading. Is anyone else having this problem?

Can you share your gallery link, please? If private, you can message me access directly.

log in with email and password is apple

the album is set to 10 selections…

the public and protected modes work fine, it’s just the private mode that is not limiting the selections.

Hi Roy,

I can see that it’s not working in your gallery. However, when I try to use the feature to limit selections in my own galleries, it is working as expected. I am not able to select more images than is allowed; if I try, it displays a message informing me of the limit, and I am unable to add selections.

Sssooo … have you correctly saved the profile having that limit? Like, after making the change, did you press the Save button? And, if so, did you then assign that profile to your gallery template?