Client Response not working for a new Album

Not sure what the issue might be. I created some new albums in Lightroom and Published them. They are configured with Features:Visibility:Private and Integration:Client Response:Enabled Feedback:Default, as far as I’ve been able to tell so far this is the same as some other older albums I have. I am able to add these new albums to my user and the client user, however I can’t “favorite” any of the new images under either the client or my personal account. Under my account I can still “favorite” images in older albums.

I believe that if you’re logged in to Backlight in the same browser, you won’t be able to make selections.
So make sure you’re logged out or looking in a different browser.

If that isn’t the issue, be sure to post a link to an album

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I have tried from a couple of different browsers including my phone.

This is one of the two new albums.

You can test with gbbiv1 at g mail
test1 as p w

in the album template! in the add-on section, is Image Selects turned on?

Yes. I did notice it had a different template than the ones that were working but Image Selects was enabled in both. I then change it to the same template as the others and did a Publish Now just to be sure. I then clear browser data and tried again and it doesn’t seemed to have changed anything. When in slide show view I can click the heart at the top and the outline turns red, this is the same behavior I’ve had all along.

Are Backlight and the Client Response add-on up to date?

Have you tried clearing Backlight template cache?

Yes, Yes, Yes.

I recall this problem coming up before but can’t remember the cause. I tried searching the old forum as well as this one but no luck.
Ben will probably remember.

Thanks very much for trying to work through it, I really appreciate your time and energy. Do you think Ben will see this post?


Hi @gbbiv, I can see a JavaScript error that is likely to be the cause of the issues.
It’s failing to handle filenames with periods in them, such as 200530-17.28.11-_DSC2712.jpg

We recommend that filenames only include letters, numbers, dashes and underscores. Periods should only be used as the separator between the main part of the filename and the extension (i.e. the period before jpg).

Can you try changing the filenames so that they do not include periods in them, then republishing them? You’ll probably need to remove the existing published photos then add them back in with the new names.

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That fixed the issue, thanks.