Client response page formatting

Since inserting the client response page on a few of my albums, those pages now have a somewhat bloated masthead. It’s the so-called “action bar”.
Should I try to correct this thru the Backlight settings or some custom CSS?

probably has something to do with the 100% width of your top-pallet logo in your custom css

But it’s hard to target using the Inspector because right-click is disabled

Sorry about the no-right click. Tried to disable it, but I get an error and the page won’t show, so it’s back.

 /* No right click */
        echo "<script> window.oncontextmenu = function () { return false; } </script> ";
        return false;

the error is likely from a syntax error. perhaps a stray closing curly brace was left behind?

I tried multiple variations without success. It seems that it has something to do with the ending } or the ?>

All I am doing is commenting out the “No right click” function. Must be linked with something else.

a decent code editor should show you where the error lies

Using CODA 2, should be decent.

How are you doing that? Could be that you’re using the wrong characters for php or that you’re commenting out the function and everything that follows.

If you’re using /* at the beginning of the function, you also need */ at the end of the function.

In your custom css, I think you could try reducing the width of the top-pallet-logo. You’ll need to do that in two places: for desktop view and in your media query for mobile view.
For desktop, try 95%. For mobile, try 80%.

You may also wish to change either the button text color or background color in the page template (Typography>Buttons). That CR icon in the top-pallet shows how many images are selected. Text color and the background color are currently the same.