Client response template

Hi guys, almost these with my setup. Just having trouble finding where I can edit the album set page for the client response gallery? The album set template seems to have no effect.

It’s the page the client first sees after logging in, listing all the albums.

for styling the login and client album list pages, assign a page template. Do that in Backlight > Admin > Settings > List Settings
Under Personalization, look for Client Template and choose a page template.

For the text areas on the Login and client album list pages, go to Backlight > Admin > Languages
Click Manage Language. Scroll down to Clients

Thanks Rod, I can see now how to change the text areas on the login page. And slowly getting my head around using the typography/content areas.

Also this page doesn’t seem to have a title. I’m using the tokens PAGE_TITLE - COMPANY_NAME. I just see the hyphen and company name " - Dan Trotter photography"

Are you using those tokens in the page template’s Masthead for Site Title?

If so, you could clone the page template, remove PAGE_TITLE - and then assign the cloned template as the Client page template in Backlight settings.

These tokens are in the Advanced Setup / Page Setup tab, they were the default setting and the other pages all seem to have a page title, just not the Client Response page that lists the galleries.

Then the same advice applies. You can remove “PAGE_TITLE -“ from that field or make it empty.

Or you could put whatever text you want in that field. For example: Client Albums - COMPANY_NAME

Ok sure, I guess that would work. Though using the token PAGE_TITLE would be preferred since it changes to be relevant to the different pages you are on (if I’m understanding it correctly). Not a biggie though.

One other question about this client response page, how do I adjust the where the thumbnail starts downsizing on mobile? The current sizing squashes the text before the thumbnail starts resizing down:

I don’t think there is a setting for that unless it’s the page template breakpoint. (I thought that was mainly for invoking the mobile menu though)
Maybe custom css?