Configuring "Search" in a Subdomain Site

I tried to configure (add title and text, etc.) on my BL3.x “search” page with no success. (No search input form is displayed). I am running on a subdomain site and I wonder if this has something to do with the problem. Btw, searching through the quick search icon seems to work.

How are you trying to add text to your search page?

You should be able to add text to your Search page by going in the Languages section
Settings > Languages > Manage Language.
Scroll down to the Publisher section: Search Intro

I did this. However, when I select the menu item “SEARCH” I get a blank page. FYI: When I select the quick search icon and press “enter” without typing a search criteria, I land in the “Search” page.
Try it:

you’re using the wrong url for the search page.

it should be /backlight/search

Backlight has a build in search page so you don’t have to create one of your own.

Hmmm, got it…:frowning: