Contact Page Feature Request

Hey, Matthew! I have a request: would it be possible for you to for the contact page engine to include the Contact Form Name, either in the subject line (preferable) or the text of the email sent? I am using different contact forms for different uses (currently, main site contact and licensing inquiry contact) and it sure would be able to separate the different contact requests.


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The use case here is for a “license inquiry” contact page, which is different than just a generic contact.

Another use case along this same line would be to be able to pre-populate a field with, say the page calling the contact page (or ability to do this in phpplugins). An example of this use case would be to have an “e-commerce” link on a photo page with a link to the contact page instead of the e-commerce engine. License inquiry would then have a field with the image being inquired about. Another example would be if you do your own fulfillment and they can inquire about a print.

Maybe this capability is already in the e-commerce module? If so, that would be just fine, I just haven’t gotten there yet in building out my site. Or, I would be OK with it being added to the e-commerce module if that makes more sense…

I had thought we updated the form some while back to include a link to the page is was submitted from for such identification, though I may be misremembering. Ben will know more.

it displays the url of the site it’s coming from. For example:

Message received from contact form at

Right. That’s my whole site…

A new message has been received
“Michael Boatright Photography”
Sent: Fri, 8:06 pm
To: “

Name: Michael Boatright


Phone Number: 123-456-7890

Company / Legal Entity Name: Michael Boatright Photography

Content URL: ?


Message received from contact form at

I’ll change that to to be the full URL of the page that the contact form is on.

EXCELLENT! Thank you.