Contact page redirects to home page

i’am making a super simple site with a home page, galleries and a contact page.
When clicking on Contact in Menu set it shows my home page even though the url is
Yes I have; created a contact form and a contact page with the contact form inserted…
Thanks for any input.

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Interesting; when verifying my post it changed the url link I had written “Accueil - Michel Robitaille photographie” to my home page as “Accueil-Michel Robitaille photographie” but still redirected to the contact URL!?

Take another look at your menu set to make sure you’ve assigned the contact page to the Contact item in the menu.
Can you post a screen shot of your Menu Set?

Another thing to try is changing your URL
You wrote that the url is
Try changing that to just /contact
Or, in the Link To drop-down, choose Page and then choose Contact

Another thing to check:

In Backlight, edit your contact page. Go to Designer > Pages > click on the name of the Contact page. Then click on Edit Properties…
Take a look at the properties and make sure that Index Page is set to “no”

Do the same thing for your Home page and make sure that Index Page is set to “yes”

I,m trying to post a screenshot but I am getting this message: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.

I have tried both…

This is all ok…

Can you try to make a simple page called ‘test’?

Good idea…
just did this and it also redirects to my home page even though the url link corresponds to the test page

Okay, everything just points back to the home page like Accueil - Michel Robitaille photographie.

Please double check that you have installed the .htaccess file from the downloaded zip file. (Installation & Setup | Backlight)

It has been installed. and I checked again this morning.
it is in public_html (dated Apr 8, 2022) and in public_html/backlight (dated same).

I’ve upgraded your user status so you should now be able to paste images into your posts


Who is your web host? This might be something for @Ben to look at. Can you send your ftp and backlight admin login to him? If you click on his name, there is a message button on the top right.

It’s Bluehost…
will send to Ben

It could still be an issue with the .htaccess file, as Daniel suggested.
There are two different .htaccess files with Backlight. One is in the root of the site, the other is in the backlight/ folder.
When you unzipped the file you have these files and folders:

The .htaccess file found here is the one that goes in the root of the site. You can try re-uploading that file to the root of your site and see if that solves the problem.

That did it!
Thanks all…