Control max thumbnail size in Masonry gallery

I am using a Pangolin album template with it set to Masonry for the grid. My thumbnails are set to 408px x 272px. Is there a way to control vertical images to not use the 408px width and be 272px wide instead?

the thumbnail display sizes are controlled by the number of columns displayed at breakpoints and the max-width of the gallery. (plus the bit of margin and padding)
To ensure that the vertical thumbnails will still look good no matter how many columns are being displayed, try changing the thumbnail rendition size so that they will look good at the minimum columns in a max width gallery.
Say you set the gallery max-width at 1200px, and at that breakpoint you’ve set number of columns to three, then you need to have thumbnail renditions that will give you about 400 px on the short side so that the verticals will display properly without being spread out.

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Thanks Rod. That’s pretty much what I had figured out. Guess I will just have to go back to using Justified instead.

If the images were less wide than their column, the masonry layout would look quite antithetical to its purpose. Hence the behavior Rod describes being the desired behavior. In masonry layouts, width matters, and height is variable. The justified layout flips that, and the classic grid does not care about your image dimensions.