Control of album order during upload from LR6


Is there a way to control the order of appearance of albums in a set? I numbered them 1 thru 13, but they appear online in the order of 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 2, 3, 4 etc., kinda like my old ‘windows style’ PC used to list files…

number them 01, 02, 03….10, 11, 12

Or use drag and drop in Backlight Publisher to manually reorder them

You can also change the album slug and sort on that.

I should have mentioned that despite having purchased BL4, my site is still on CE4, so I don’t have access to the publisher. Still, good to know I can get these things right when I finally do.

Then your options are changing the current slug in Lightroomand change the numbering, and using the same numbering scheme for new uploads.
I don’t recall if the CE version sorts by published date, but that might be another option to consider.

I use the numbering system I mentioned above to sort albums. It’s just leftover from the CE days. I should probably consider dropping the numbers and sorting manually in Backlight Publisher, the album urls would look better.

Since this is CE4 related, I’m moving this thread to the legacy support forum.

BTW, CE4 is supported by Publisher.

Rod is right. When you sort alphabetically or chronologically, the ones will always come before the twos, and the twos before the threes. By adding the zero to the beginning, any program understands what you want, because the zeros will always come before the ones, and so forth and so on.

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Oh, I get it now, leading zero, thanks I missed that! But what about an album already published (it took many hours, so would prefer not to do it over again!)

Thx, my bad (regarding wrong forum)

Not sure I understand you Daniel (‘CE4 is supported by Publisher’)

Not sure I understand you Daniel (‘CE4 is supported by Publisher’)

You wrote:

That’s what I was referring to. CE4 is supported by Lightroom Publisher.

you can change the slug by editing the album in Lightroom.

And what Rod suggests will take no more than a few minutes of your time. Backlight will pick up the change, so you do not have to republish all of the albums. Rod will correct me if I am wrong on the latter.

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He’s still on CE4, But changing the slug will change the order, provided the Galleries page or album set is set to order by slug.

Awesome! It worked! I can’t believe it was that easy. Thanks everyone for your help!

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