Copy Language Translation to another Site

Hi, i just upgraded from CE4 and do several Pages with Backlight.
On one Page i translated Page and Cart Languages into German and want to use the Translation now at another Site. Could you tell me the FTP location where i could copy my translations?

Thanks a lot

greets fred

all language settings and page text are stored in the database and so there is no FTP location to copy to.

Since I’m not positive about how the data folder structure works, I’m not going to recommend copying and pasting database files from one site to another. Perhaps @Ben can comment on that.

For the Cart and main language settings, you can try exporting from one site and importing to the other:

Try this at your own risk and be sure to make backups first.

If you’re familiar with databases, you could export the Cart language and main language settings from one database and importing into another.
You can access the database from the Backlight > Admin > Special Links > phpLiteAdmin. the password is admin

For the pages themselves, since a new page entry would need to be created in the database, it would be easiest to copy the html from each page and paste it into the Page Copy area of a new page on the other site.