CRG - View/submit button not working


I am using all the latest versions of Backlight, CRG, etc. and updated the Publisher, but I and my clients are unable to activate the View/submit button at the upper right. In fact, in Lightroom, when I select one Album from the list and choose Go To Published Album, the button does not work on any of them, not do the items above the gallery have an icons of functionality.

Is something wrong with my album template?



can you post a link to an album that’s not working? If the albums are sensitive, can you create a new album of non-sensitive images and post that?

Also, there’s a new submit button in the BL4 version. It’s in a bar just above the images, next to the Help and Download buttons (if you’ve enabled those)

The red circled area is where the submit and the help buttons are located. The green circled area is where the different display button are.
Edit your template, and in the Control Bar section, change the Color setting to something that will contrast with the Button Background-color.Right now they’re the same.

Where in the Template is the Control Bar section?

In the Client Response album template in the Add-on Features section. near the bottom

I still could not find it, so I decided that I never ordered it to go along with Backlight 4, after using it with many years of previous versions of the software. I paid and did the download, but the module is not showing up in the modules list, nor is there an add-on features menu at the bottom of the design template. I have quit and restarted Backlight. In the accompanying ReadMe file, it mentions that the order might not work because the order might be from differing emails or other changes in the details. I did recently change the email associated with my payment information. I also my current email address in my settings on this web site. What steps do I need to follow now to make sure that CRG is installed correctly?

Both albums you link to are Client Response albums. I just used one, made three selections and submitted the feedback.
You must have Client Response installed for that to work.

Can you post a screen shot of your Backlight Modules page?

when did you create the albums linked to above?

Do you have a Client Response album template? Your screen shot above shows a page template.

I’m at a loss as to how you created a Client Response album without the Client Response add-on module.

To your question about email address and orders see this:

I have been using the Lightroom Publisher exclusively.

I found the solution. I was looking in the wrong place.

Thank you so much for your patience. I probably needlessly paid for the CRG add-on again, but that is OK, since I seem to need lots of help.