CSS enforced, save for one page!

The site (in development): https://pideja.ca/lucnadeau/
The problem: I’ve built this site to be as bilingual as can be, using Backlight’s language selector. After a lot of fumbling around and CSS trial & error, I got a language selector version I can work with, save for one page: the ARTWORKS page. On this page, the selector device looks ok but the drop-down menu items are invisible on beige, which is not correct.
What are the settings that could be in play here, especially regarding the language switch?

the Artworks page template is using a different color for text. Check the button colors in template under Top Pallet

Copied the template settings from the previous version of the site and applied these to the one in development. The language selector appears in the newer version, of course.
No change at all has been noticed in both versions. As for the language selector…still the same.

Well, the Backlight css applies different color to that page. Did you check the button color settings in the page template >Top Pallet?
Or try the Accent color under the Color tab.

From what I see, that site is using four different color schemes for the language selector

Still looking for the elusive setting that controls the drop-down menu in the language selector.
Since the selector is correctly set on all but two pages, I use the template settings of known
working page (https://pideja.ca/lucnadeau/bio/)and applied all the TOP PALLET settings to match…still no cigar!

UPDATE: Using the Accent setting in COLOR, I got the pallet menu drop-down to show at least one language to show. Luckily it’s the alternate language. 'Till I find a better solution, it will do.

Sorry, I’m a bit lost. Which element do you want to control? Or what’s the issue?

I’m just trying to control the look of the language switch button. I’ve got it right on all pages, save for ART WORKS and INTERVIEW (the drop-down features black text and white text.)
All pages use the same CSS file.
I’ve compared page settings, side-by-side and they seem identical.

I don’t think your custom css has anything to do with the color of that text.
Check to make sure that all colors under the Color tab are the same in each template you’re using (using separate templates really complicates things)

It seems that you use different page templates, hence different css. I really would design the page using ONE page template to keep things easy.

To address the white text issue, you may use following code in your custom.css:

#language-selector li { color: red; }


#language-selector li:hover { color: green; }

And for the linked text of the language selector:

#language-selector li a { color: purple; }.

This seems to work for me using Google’s DevTools.

And if you really need different background pictures on different pages, clone the original template and add the background image.
This would also solve the issue of having different navigation on different pages. A mix of horizontal and vertical navigation makes it seem like going from one site to another instead of a different page on the same site.